Are you a nonresident boater?

Questions for nonresident boater education and payment programs

Frequently asked questions:

  • What are the requirements for nonresidents beginning July 1, 2023?

    All motorized boats used in Utah waters that are not currently registered through the Utah Division of Motor Vehicles are subject to a $25 AIS vessel enrollment fee, and all boaters must complete an annual mussel-aware boater education course prior to enrolling.

    Follow these steps to meet the requirements:

    1. Register your vessel in your state of residence. You will need your bow number for your Utah nonresident AIS vessel enrollment (see step 3).
    2. Take the free mussel-aware boater online course. This course is designed to educate boaters about quagga mussels, their impacts and relevant aquatic invasive species laws in Utah. (You must take this course before enrolling your vessel; please note your “Customer ID” information upon completion.)
    3. Using your customer ID, complete the AIS vessel enrollment and pay the $25 nonresident boater fee (good for the current calendar year).
    4. You will receive a current-year Utah AIS decal in the mail to affix to your vessel. Placement instructions are provided with the decal.
    5. When boating anywhere in Utah, make sure that a printed copy of your AIS vessel enrollment certification is displayed on the dash of your towing vehicle, and that you have a current-year Utah AIS decal affixed to your boat.

    Note: These steps must be completed prior to arriving in Utah.

  • Do I need to complete the online education course and pay the fee to use my SUP, kayak, canoe, etc.?

    No, non-motorized vessels are not subject to these requirements, but users of non-motorized watercraft are still required to self-certify that they’ve effectively cleaned, drained (if applicable) and dried their vessel before launching in a Utah waterbody.

    In general, owners of vessels that would otherwise be required to register in the state of Utah are subject to the AIS education and fee requirements.

  • I already paid an AIS fee for another state’s aquatic invasive species program. Why do I need to take this course and enroll in Utah’s, too?

    Just like a hunting or fishing license, this enrollment process only applies to the state where you are recreating.

  • Will I be able to enroll and pay the fees for multiple vessels at the same time?

    Yes. However, a separate $25 fee is required for each vessel.

  • When I filled out the AIS vessel enrollment, I entered my bow number incorrectly or some other information was wrong when I enrolled my boat. How do I get it corrected?

    Please email your questions/correction information to and a member of our AIS group can assist you. Make sure to include a phone number in addition to your email address for a prompt reply.

  • Does this apply to Utah residents?

    Prior to July 1, 2023, owners of boats registered in the state of Utah paid an AIS program enrollment fee as part of their boat registration process with the Utah Division of Motor Vehicles. Beginning July 1, 2023, Utah boaters must take the mussel-aware boater course and pay the AIS enrollment fee through the DWR website, since the AIS vessel enrollment fee is no longer collected by the DMV as part of the initial boat registration.

  • How long is the certificate from the online education course valid?

    The education certificate is valid for the current calendar year (expires Dec. 31 of the year taken).

  • How long is the AIS vessel enrollment payment receipt valid?

    Payment for a Utah-enrolled vessel is good for the current calendar year (expires December 31 of the year payment is made).

  • When will I receive my Utah AIS decal and where do I place it on my vessel?

    Your current-year AIS decal will be mailed to the address you provide at the time of AIS vessel enrollment and payment, and you will receive it within 10 business days. The following instructions for decal placement will be included:

    Aquatic Invasive Species validation decal must appear on the port side of the boat; provide a 6-inch space from other decals

  • Will I still need to self-certify that my boat has met the decontamination requirements prior to launching?

    Completion of the online education course, displaying AIS vessel enrollment certification on the dash of the launch vehicle and affixing the current-year Utah AIS enrollment decal to your boat satisfies the self-certification requirement.
    By completing the mussel-aware boater course and AIS vessel enrollment program, you should understand the required decontamination processes listed here.

    To expedite your trip to Utah:

    • Upon course completion and vessel enrollment with payment, boat owners should print out two copies of your AIS enrollment program certificate. As a backup, we recommend also saving a copy to your mobile device.
    • Place one copy of the certificate on the dash of your launch vehicle to show proof of completion.
    • Make sure that your current-year Utah AIS decal (which you will receive in the mail) is correctly affixed to your vessel. Placement instructions are provided with the decal.
    • If you have not received your Utah AIS decal by the time you launch in Utah, you must keep on your vessel a printed AIS vessel enrollment certificate — or image saved to your mobile device — to confirm that you have met the course and fee requirements.

    Save time: By printing out the certificate for your vehicle dash, putting one in your boat and saving it to your phone, you will expedite your entrance and exit to the state.

  • What if I launch outside of Utah on an interstate water like Bear Lake, Flaming Gorge Reservoir or Lake Powell?

    If your boat is used within Utah at any point — including on an interstate water — you must comply with the education and fee requirements.

  • Where can I pay the fee for a non-Utah registered boat?

    You first have to complete the mussel-aware boater education course before registering your motorized vessel and paying the fee. After completing the course, you will have the option to enter the AIS vessel enrollment and payment portal, where you pay a $25 fee. If you have already taken the online education course and have your customer ID handy, you can go directly to the AIS vessel enrollment and payment portal.

  • What is the QR code on my certificate for?

    The QR code on your completion certificate has your boat type and bow number embedded in it. Rather than our watercraft inspection staff having to ask you this information and enter it manually into our data collection system every time you launch, with the QR code they have the ability to quickly scan the code on your certificate to collect this information and get you on the water faster.

  • What if there are multiple owners of a boat? Who is responsible for paying the fee?

    The person who was responsible for registering the boat in the state where it resides is also responsible for paying the $25 fee associated with that boat’s use in Utah.

  • What if I paid the fee and received the certificate, but want to let someone use my boat without me?

    A copy of the certificate obtained after completing the online course and paying the fee should remain with the boat at all times. In addition, the user of the boat also needs to place a copy of this certificate on the dash of the launch vehicle.

  • I own a boat that is slipped/moored at Lake Powell. Do I need to complete the online course and pay the nonresident fee for my boat?

    If the boat is used anywhere within the state of Utah, the boat owner must complete the course and pay the vessel enrollment fee, regardless of where the boat is kept. That means that if your boat is stored at Wahweap or Antelope Point marinas in Arizona, these requirements will pertain to you as soon as your boat crosses into Utah on the water.

    Note: You may be eligible for the Lake Powell Local Boater Program, which may expedite your travel in and around Lake Powell.